MicroYahooSoft! – Microsoft Going to Sandwich Yahoo!

Microsoft Big Fish Swallowing Yahoo!

Photo by Gnal

Microsoft’s proposal to acquire Yahoo! at approximately $44.6 billion in cash and stock was the hot discussion for this week in the blogosphere. There have been many discussions on suggested new name for the combined Yahoo! and Microsoft – here, here and here. Some of the Flickr users are even staging online protests at the prospect of a Microsoft takeover.

I would suggest the new name MicroYahooSoft!. 🙂 The new name has Yahoo! sandwiched within Microsoft brand! After all, that is what Microsoft is going to do over time. They would take the juice out of a few popular Yahoo services, use the juice to rejuvenate its almost dead live.com services, and throw the Yahoo identity away.

OK, joke apart, I don’t expect any change in the company name, if the deal is approved. It would remain Microsoft. The Yahoo sub-brand will exist until its services are slowly integrated into existing Microsoft services or rebranded over a period of many years.

It is also said that Microsoft has to borrow money to fund the Yahoo bid, if it becomes a reality.

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