Mobile Education by Tata Indicom

Tata Indicom plans to start a new initiative, Mobile Education (M-Education), an attempt to aid distance learning and support learning in remote rural communities and for the physically challenged. Tata Indicom has partnered with SNDT Women’s University, ATOM Tech and Indian PCO Teleservices (IPTL).

SNDT University will develop and manage content, Tata Indicom will be the carrier, ATOM will provide the intermediary interfaces and IPTL will look after service distribution and dissemination system. The M-Education will offer contemporary content to students and do away with the need to visit physical schools and colleges, thus bridging the physical distances using CDMA technology. Initially, the M-Education service will be available in Hindi and English language. However, the alliance plans to make the service available in other regional languages later. [via  enews]

I am not sure what kind of service is being offered in m-Education. Accessing the study materials and reading it using the small mobile screen doesn’t look good. Of course, people in remote areas may not have the latest high resolution mobile devices and pay more for the course. Anyway, lets wait and see if this initiatives actually works or not.

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