Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7 Unveiled at CES

Microsoft unveiled the Touch Mouse for Windows 7 in the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in LasVegas. Microsoft Touch Mouse allows you to click, flick, scroll and swipe easily without the need for any buttons. Touch Mouse will only be going on sale in June 2011 at an estimated price of U.S $79.95 (Rs. 3,626 approx). This comes with Microsoft’s three-year worldwide warranty.

By quickly responding to single finger gestures, it speeds up everyday tasks that are already fast in Windows 7: scrolling, panning, paging forward and back, docking, minimizing/maximizing, showing desktop, and more. Touch Mouse also provides elegant touch functionality to non-touch Windows 7 PCs, so you can enjoy dynamic touch sensitivity at a fraction of the cost of a new PC.

The Touch Mouse works on the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum and comes with a mini dongle with which it pairs. It is based on Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology (This new tracking technology—available only from Microsoft—lets you use a mouse anywhere and work with confidence on more surfaces than ever before. BlueTrack combines the power of optical with the precision of laser, allowing you to mouse on virtually any surface—from a granite countertop to an airport bench to your living-room carpet). [advt]


  • Enhances Windows navigation
  • Allows easy switching between tasks
  • Easy to learn and fun to use
  • Uses gestures to quickly scroll and pan, zoom, navigate, and manipulate content
  • Helps you get more done in less time

The top of the mouse is composed of a matrix of capacitive touch-sensitive electrodes that track the precise position of your fingertips. The multitouch surface behaves very similar to the Magic Mouse giving you access to various Windows 7 gestures like snap, navigate, etc. It works on AAA alkaline batteries. Connect wirelessly through the USB nano transceiver for an incredible 30-foot range.


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