Splashup Image Editor – Upload Photos, Transform and Apply Effects

Splashup is a free online photo editing tool, which is very similar to Adobe’s Photoshop. Splashup can be accessed directly from the Internet. There is nothing to download and you don’t have to take up space on your computer’s hard drive.

Splashup  (formerly Fauxto) being a browser-based photo editing tool, you will need a reliable Internet connection to ensure that you don’t lose your work. If you are completely new to photo editing software, take some time to figure out the features and effects  in Splashup.

Splashup provides an interface that makes it quick and simple to modify any image from your computer or the web . In addition to simply uploading images, Splashup allows free-transformation of the image, layer effects, multiple brushes and much more. With the ability to share and download images when complete, it could replace a desktop image editing program very quickly.

[advt]Splashup application has differences to other apps,  Splashup allows images to be opened both from the computer as well as taken directly from a web cam. This means that without ever leaving the browser, a pictures could be taken, resizing and cropping and be easily done and the image can be shared with friends through their integrated sharing system .  In addition , Splashup allows for nearly the same control of images as most desktop image editing applications.

Splashup Features:

  • Online graphic editor
  • Take pictures directly from a web cam
  • Tool bar that almost matches Photoshop or Gimp
  • Sharing features to share images and photos with friends
  • Splashup allows you to edit more than one image at time. This is one of the features by which you can import your pictures from Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. You can edit them and then upload them back to the photo sharing sites.
  • Splashup runs in Flash, so you should be able to use it with any web browser on any operating system.

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