– Full Featured Online Video Platform for Business is a full featured video platform that enables businesses and individuals to record and distribute video content. You can easily add video recording to business sales and marketing efforts, it provides control of the content, and analytics on viewing behavior. For businesses it offer an account for all your videos with branding, upload, download, and embed capability, and a customer testimonial widget.

It has developed a proprietary video conversion engine that quickly converts videos to all the required formats that enable viewing on all web-enabled devices.  It has built a platform that provides businesses a turnkey solution to integrate video into their offering. Place the video short URLs in Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn anywhere.

Free Features

  • Plays on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Webcam recording up to 10 min
  • Self-destruct after # of views/days
  • [advt]Short URL or Email videos
  • Free iPhone/iPad/iTouch app
  • Free Chrome browser plug-in
  • Free Widget  if you Like us on Facebook

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