Google Partners with O-Zone to Provide Free Wi-Fi Access in India

Google LogoGoogle in partnership with O-Zone Networks is offering free Wi-Fi to Indian users. It is a part of Google’s effort to increase usage of Google’s social network Google+ as well as YouTube. The service wil allow unlimited usage of Google+ and 10 minutes of free access to YouTube per week. For using any other websites, users have to pay for minutes.

The service provided by O-Zone Networks will run for an initial three months. O-Zone is in talks with Google to make it a long-term contract.

This new marketing initiative further encourages mobile internet usage and enhances consumer experiences with Google+ and YouTube users on portable devices while away from work and home.

O-Zone Networks CEO Sanjeev Sarin stated about the unique marketing partnership:

This is a first-of-its-kind promotional tie-up. This association between Google India and O-Zone Networks reinforces the fact that people are now realizing the power of Wi-Fi.

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