Evalaze – Free Application Virtualization Tool

Evalaze is a free application virtualization tool which will give you some handy sandboxing options. It basically lets you run any application in a virtual environment. This virtual environment stays out of your main PC environment, and does not impact anything there. You can do that with Evalaze by running each of these versions in a separate virtual environment.

There are some other famous apps in the market with similar options but unfortunately they are not free most of the time and sometimes free with some limitations. You can use Evalaze for multiple purposes. If you do not want to hassle with the different registry files and all the system files used to run software Evalaze will be great for you. Firstly, it is really easy to use and secondly, it’s more lightweight in comparison with its competitors.

Firstly, it protects you from installing unknown malware in your system as the whole system is sandboxed. Secondly, you can use that program as a portable app from the next time and carry that around with pen drives to use it in others’ computers without installations. Thirdly, it will give you the capability of using multiple version of the same software.

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  • Thanks to the innovative technology of this virtualization software, the application runs entirely in a Sandbox. This makes it possible for you to fully separate your application from the operating system and from other applications.
  • Virtualization software works cross-platform for the operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, and for the server systems Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  • The application virtualization runs entirely in user mode. Consequently no administrator privileges are required. To operate the virtual application, no prior installation of drivers, clients or server environments is required, as the application runs completely self-sufficiently.
  • Keep your systems clean and protect them from sloppily programmed applications and uninstall routines
  • [advt]All virtualized applications, as well as any other instance, run in the same virtual environment.
  • A step-by-step wizard guides you until your application virtualization is completed
  • Support for 32bit applications on 64bit systems; now you can run your “old” 16-bit application on your 32-bit Windows machine.
  • While creating your program you can determine whether the sandbox should automatically be deleted when the virtual application is closed.
  • The Home screen is adaptable to your requirements/ideas, which is ideal for software houses
  • Business customers can fall back on a simple licensing model and may now also use Evalaze within their IT environment.

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