LetterMeLater – Online Email Scheduling Service

LetterMeLater is a free online email scheduling service that allows the user to schedule emails. The user can decide the date and time at which the mail is to be sent to the recipient, and even choose to send recurring emails. You can choose the email address from which email should be sent, and it will send email from that address at your scheduled time.

Emails have become extremely important to communication, be it for the formal purposes or the informal ones. But one feature that almost all mailing facilities lack is allowing the user to decide the time / Schedule the delivery of the message. There might be certain occasions when the user wants the mail to be delivered only at some point in time in the future.

The user need not create a new mail ID to use the service. The mail can be sent from the mail ID of the user’s choice and the delivery time is decided by the user. The emails get delivered on the exact date and time, down to the minute. So birthday wishes, anniversary wish mails, formal messages with an appropriate timing can all be sent using this automated mail delivery facility.

Features :

  • Mail attachments, just as in conventional mail.
  • Using user programs to send emails at a later time.
  • [advt]Create HTML mails to add a rich effect to the ever plain emails.
  • Options to send recurring emails.
  • Importing contacts , creating mailing lists of recipients.
  • Sending the mail to CC (Carbon copy) and BCC (Blind carbon copy) recipients.
  • Options to send scheduled alarm/ Reminder  type messages to the cell phones.
  • No advertisements are sent with the mail.
  • Managing and editing the mails before delivery is possible.

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