LG PD233 – Pocket Photo Printer for Smart Phones, Price Rs 14,990

PD233 is the Smart Mobile Pocket Photo Printer, made and released by LG electronics. The smart device is available for Rs 14,990 in India. The device offers instant mobile printing, NFC, Bluetooth compatibility and fast printing. The device is so small that it easily fits in ones hand.

The users can print their photographs by either placing the smartphone over pocket photo printer (via NFC tagging) or via Bluetooth. The printer will print the photos within 45 seconds from clicking ‘print’ button. No ink cartridge is required to print high quality photos instantly with Zink (Zero Ink) photo paper 2.0.

With the device, the users can create, add, delete photo albums. They can also rename the albums. The device supports applications such as basic frame view, picture enlarged view, delete pic/move, camera, thumbnail view, editing & QR code setting, printing & sharing, filters, D-Day, photo cards and partition picture frames.

The device is compatible with iOS Mobile, iOS PAD and Android Mobile.  The print engine prints at a maximum resolution of 313 dpi. It can print images within 45 seconds. The Zink paper used is of version Z 2.0, which is non-sticky back with 2″x3″ dimension and a picture resolution of 313 dpi [dots per inch].

The battery used is a Li-Polymer battery, which can last till 25 pcs printed. The charging time needed is 1.5 hours. PD 233 can be bought online at LG online store.

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