Kleki – Online Painting and Image Editing Tool

Kleki is a modern painting and image editing tool. Draw / illustrate / sketch / doodle / paint with a selection of brushes, play with filters that feature GPU accelerated real time previews, and use layers to manage it all. You can even drag and drop images into Kleki from your desktop.

Works without any additional plug-ins. Kleki has pressure sensitivity support for (Wacom) tablet users. You import images from your computer by dragging them onto the canvas. You can then use them as a new layer or start a new image with them.

After editing with Kleki you can store the current painting with all layers in your browser. Kleki will automatically load it when you restart it. Due to technical limitations you’ll have manually click on Store Locally under File each time you want to store the current state.

How to work:

  • Draw – Left Mouse Button
  • Pick Color – Right Mouse Button
  • Hand Tool – Middle Mouse Button
  • Zoom – Scroll Wheel

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