Download Xchange for Nokia – NFC Enabled App.

Xchange allows users to exchange business cards, photos and other in rank by touching mobile application based on Near Field Communication (NFC) for Nokia NFC phones. Contact details will be exchanged via email as well added to the contact section of both devices in a VCard format.

The Xchange NFC app even allows photographs to be appended to contacts. Now the exchange takes place over the network. Once the user goes online, the contact details will be shared automatically.After the exchange is done, the Xchange NFC app ensures both users automatically receive each other’s contact details in their mailbox in a VCF format, which also allows for meetings to be scheduled and shared in the same manner.


  • Xchange NFC helps you to exchange business cards, photos between phones
  • The exchange helps users to save the contact details in Outlook or many other mail applications for future use on their PC or Mac.
  • The app is available for free over at the Ovi App store.

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