Kerala’s IIITM-K Launched Active Web GIS Service, So What?

Kerala’s first Active Web Geographical Information System (GIS) service in public domain developed using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) technology was launched here today. The GIS service is launched by the state-run Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IIITM-K). The service intends to make the dynamic geographical information available in a simplified, open Web interface.

The Website provides dynamic scientific weather information and one-week forecast, which is updated every three hours. The weather information is provided by, which is layered over Google map. I don’t consider this service as part of GIS! Other than this weather map, I could not find anything really useful to the public in that website. Hopefully they will add something which is really useful for Keralites, for free.


The news states: IIITM-K is actively developing Active Web GIS applications for e-governance applications such as community instrumentation for agrarian prosperity, community-driven cultural heritage portal and trade logistics for farm produce. [via ciol]

According to IIITM-K GIS website, they provides services like, Web GIS – onsite implementation, Dsign and development of web based intelligent spatial applications, community driven Web GIS, spatial intelligence for business applications, Active Geospatial Content Management System (GeoCMS), spatial data generation and management support for Web GIS.


  1. Sir,
    This is a very useful website for the public as well as professionals. Congratulation sir.
    Can you include oceanographic and coastal zone information

  2. This is as a response to the Web GIS initiaitive of IIITMK. I am heading the GIS activities at IIITMK. I request you to see the link ( you can navigate from the main page also. From the combo on the left-top you can select various maps/layers that includes Kerala maps. Please also visit ( Let me explain the objectives behind it. We wanted to create an open access web GIS platform where anybody can view the data. We are also working on enhancing the applications. Our philosophy is to share Geo-information through this applications. Now we have the platform with us and we look forward for agencies and individuals who can share the data. Thanks for your comments and suggestions

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