mPay – Mobile Credit Card for Reliance Mobile Users

Reliance Communications and HDFC Bank have come together to offer India’s first virtual credit card to Reliance users possessing HDFC Bank credit cards. The Reliance mPay credit card allows users to make postpaid bill payments, get pre-paid top-up, and pay Reliance Energy monthly electricity bills. Users can also book movie tickets, travel tickets, make payments at shops and restaurants, and shop on the Internet.

To make payments, customers need to use the PIN issued for using the virtual credit card. All transactions are initiated using the registered mobile number to which the mPay service has been issued. The mPay credit card can be used with HDFC Bank at any merchant establishment that accepts payment via Reliance mPay.


Users don’t need to enter a crecit card number or card verification value (CVV) or expiry date to use the mPay service. HDFC Bank would authenticate all the information with RCom, which would then be used to initiate and authorize all payments using customers’ mobile handsets. [via tech2]

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  1. This will be interesting. You have the paymates, mcheks, obopays of the world trying their hands at similar things as well. I dont know about other folks, but I prefer to get a normal card that is independent of my phone. BTW..found some cool cards that I didn’t know about on this new site

    Keeping it simple…

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