Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 For Small Businesses

Kaspersky Lab announced the second version of Kaspersky Small Office Security, a solution specially designed for the protection of small businesses. The updated solution is simple to configure and provides optimal security for small business computer infrastructure and data, with minimal impact on system resources.

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 incorporates award-winning antivirus technologies from Kaspersky Lab. The antivirus scanner, heuristic analyzer, application control system and isolated ‘sandbox’ environment for launching suspicious files enable the detection and blocking of both known and new malicious programs before they can inflict any damage. The solution protects servers and workstations running on Windows OS, which is the operating system of choice for many small businesses.

The new version of the product is a comprehensive solution that provides wide-ranging protection against external threats. Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 now has a host of new features, such as backup capabilities, a data encryption system, a password management module and an administration center designed to improve the level of security and system management.

[advt]Flexible backup tools, which have been integrated into the product for the first time, help to prevent the leakage of financial data, client information and other valuable records in the event of computer failures and employee errors. The system enables backup copy scheduling, the storage of any number of file versions, the saving of backup copies to any computer or network storage device and the subsequent setting of an access password. Any file that was lost or erroneously modified can be retrieved from the storage with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Leakage and loss of information present a serious problem for small businesses these days, so Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 also includes an effective encryption system: all confidential corporate information can be encrypted using a strong algorithm to provide reliable data protection. Employees can create individual, encrypted, password-protected containers in which to store different kinds of information. Such containers can be securely transferred using a USB device or email and can be opened on any computer with Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 installed provided that the correct password is inserted.

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2’s Password Manager module now incorporates Safe Notes to protect any other secret information from harm, such as PIN codes, storing it alongside login authentication data in a password-protected database. The Password Manager module helps users to create robust passwords which it saves in an encrypted database, and automatically inserts them into the authentication fields of web-forms to save the user time.

With Kaspersky Small Office Security 2, the entire small business network can be managed from a single networked PC. Using the administration console, the user can quickly check the security status of any corporate computer and remotely resolve almost any detected problems. The user can also monitor the Wi-Fi network from any system workstation and receive recommendations concerning how to rectify any identified vulnerabilities that may compromise security. Additionally, product license management, backup tasks and malware scanning of one or more computers can all be performed without the user having to leave their desk.

The Web-Use Policy module allows the user to block access to unwanted websites, prevent the downloading of files of specified formats and control Internet usage. This limits employee access to instant messaging and social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, which increases business efficiency and mitigates the risk of data leaks. This module also allows the user to create black lists containing keywords associated with confidential content and to disable data transfers if the traffic contains any of those keywords. Additionally, the module is able to monitor employee web activity and generate customized reports.

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