Tata Communications to Use Zuora’s Cloud Billing Platform

Tata LogoZuora, the enterprise subscription billing and commerce provider announced that Tata Communications is using Zuora’s subscription commerce platform for its InstaCompute cloud offering, supporting the expansion of its cloud computing across the Indian and Asian markets.

With InstaCompute, Tata Communications will provide businesses with a fully automated, self-provisioned pay-per-use computing and storage solution that provides enterprise-scale cloud computing to businesses worldwide. InstaCompute is leveraging Zuora for Communications solution to price, meter and bill its compute and storage resources for public clouds.

Zuora’s subscription commerce platform addresses the following for InstaCompute:

  • [advt]Daily usage rating and calculations to process over 70K transactions each day
  • Pay-per-use charge model to support 24 x 7 billing in 4 currencies
  • Rapid rollout of pricing and taxation in 32 different locales
  • 100% self-service including fully automated self-provisioning
  • Automatic region-specific invoicing customized for multiple currencies
  • Ability for customers to view compute and storage usage online in real-time

Launching Cloud Services Requires Rapid Flexibility to Price, Meter and Bill

  • Cloud computing is disrupting the $3.4 trillion technology industry as enterprises move away from owning and maintaining servers towards choosing elastic compute clouds. Tata Communications has a unique advantage in the cloud computing market whereby its services such as InstaCompute run off of its MPLS networks and Tier 1 Internet backbone.
  • However, as Tata Communications expands the delivery of elastic server clouds, the need to price, meter and bill for these services on a pay-per-use model becomes ever more important.
  • Rather than build its own billing system, such as other providers in the market have done, Tata Communications required an enterprise subscription metering and billing platform that would not only give it the ability to launch InstaCompute quickly, but also to rapidly scale over time without additional development. Typically, service providers take two years to get to market, and this does not include building the billing system from scratch.
  • Tata Communications chose Zuora’s subscription billing platform for its InstaCompute cloud services as it was able to meet Tata Communications’ initial requirements and provide the agility to meet planned international growth.


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