Jongla – Free Mobile Messaging Service

Jongla is a global cross-platform mobile messaging service available on mobile apps and online.  It allows you to send an unlimited number of videos, photos and text messages anywhere in the world for free. Now you can entertain yourself and your friends regardless of where you are. Share your vacation photos or party videos in high quality. Jongla delivers your message directly to your friends’ mobile phones.

Jongla is not only available as native mobile applications, you can also enjoy the benefits of Jongla with any browser with MyJongla at There is also available a mobile-browser version, called Jongla Mobile.

The browser based solution has most of the functionality found in the native clients, but they lack access to the native address book. Don’t worry, this is not a problem since Jongla provides its users with a Jongla address book that can easily be populated.

Some of the features you find in the Jongla browser based solutions are listed below

  • Share high quality videos and photos from desktop to mobile
  • [advt]Ability to share multiple files
  • Open solution. The receivers do not need to be Jongla users
  • Global service with no international charges
  • Jongla uses your internet connection: Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE

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