– Filter Twitter and Facebook via Custom Keywords is a web app that filters Twitter and Facebook via custom keyword and saved the Refyned feeds to read later. The filters can be keywords, tags, names, or usernames. The web app is optimized for mobile web, such as on iPad, iPhones, and Android devices, but also works well with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. It automatically saves the feed much longer than Twitter does, so that you can go back and search messages from months ago.

Posts are updated in real-time at the top of the stream. At the bottom, you can see saved posts for future reference. In your account settings, you can even choose to receive daily emails about new content, this way you’ll never miss a thing. This is also great for brand management.

Refynr can automatically filter out all the Foursquare and Gowalla checkins if you want (optional). And then you can create up to 40 custom filters: exclude certain keywords, users, family members, or #annoyingConferenceTags. And list your favorite topics or users (Inclusion filters) to make sure you don’t miss anything relevant.

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