iRoam Idea International Roaming Special Packs

Idea Cellular postpaid subscribers can avail up to 75% discount on mobile phone usage under the ‘iRoam’ special international roaming offer while traveling to any of the 37 most frequently visited countries including UAE, USA, Singapore, UK, Thailand, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Italy, etc. These iRoam packs are applicable while roaming on Idea’s preferred network provider in the respective countries.

The Idea ‘iRoam’ pack special rates are applicable on International Roaming services such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, SMS and data. It is valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

35% discount on existing rate for Rs. 500 monthly rental, 60% discount for Rs. 1,400 and 75% discount on the existing rate for a monthly rental of Rs. 5,000. iRoam Data packprovides 40 MB free usage and 75% discount beyond free usage for Rs. 2,500

Idea users can roam in USA on AT&T US network at monthly rental of Rs. 1,500, and get 15 outgoing calls, 15 call back home/international calls, 15 incoming calls, 15 SMS’s and 15 MB data usage.

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