Internet Exploer Tweak for Faster Page Load

With AutoMZ Ultimate tweaker, OpenDNS and the following Windows registry fix, now I can work online much faster. I use Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

The HTTP 1.1 specification limits the simultaneous connections to the web server to two, and the HTTP 1.0 limits to four. The popular Web browsers including Internet Explorer follow this specification. With a broadband Internet conenciton, you could increase the values so that Internet Explorer can make many simultaneous connection to the webs server and get the HTML, script files and images faster.

For Internet Explorer, you can change the default settings in the Windows Registry. This affects all Windows Internet applications that use the standard API, including Internet Explorer. To make the changes, close Internet Explorer, open Windows Registry (regedit.exe) and make the following registry changes. (Disclaimer: Try this at your own risk!)


Go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\
Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

Create two DWORD 32 Values (REG_DWORD) unless they don’t exist already – MaxConnectionsPerServer and MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server MaxConnectionsPerServer default value is two, two simultaneous downloads from any one site. MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server default value is four, a maximum of four simultaneous downloads from multiple sites.

Change the values to your choice. I changed to 10 for MaxConnectionsPerServer and 20 for MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server. This works fine with my broadband connection. Now you may restart Windows and try Internet Explorer again.

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