insta7 – Homescreen App for Indian Mobile Phone Users

insta7 is a free all-in-one mobile phone application specially made for Indian mobile phone users. The insta7 mobile app includes 18 pre-loaded apps (services) on its home screen and 8 additional apps in the insta7 app store. The user has the ability to add or remove apps and customize his insta7 home screen to suit his needs. insta7 formats content to suit the screens of even the most basic mobile phones and improve user experience.

To use insta7, you need to have an internet enabled phone – means you need to have GPRS or 3G or WiFi connectivity enabled. Most of the mobile phones now supports at least GPRS connectivity.

insta7 comes with preloaded applications such as Cricket, Football, Movie Timings, Videos, News, Email, Facebook, Twitter, JustDial, SnapDeal, Horoscope, Celeb Gossip, Celeb Tweets, Flight Status, Travel, City Events, Dictionary and Encyclopedia.

insta7 shows content from other mobile websites such as Iindiatimes, or displays mobile formatted content from the RSS feeds of other websites such as TechCrunch. Even though this cannot be considered very innovative idea, we are sure that many Indian mobile users will benefit by having a single homepage app for viewing their most used information.

To start using, you may visit the link from your mobile phone or download the Java App directly on to your mobile phone.


Insta7 announced that they have recently added photo enhancing and sharing application. You can click a photo from your mobile phone, use insta7 to spice up that photo with one of the awesome insta7 photo filters and quickly upload it to Facebook.

List of Apps Pre-loaded in insta7

  • Encyclopedia: Info About Anything – Find information on just about any topic, concept, person, event, place, statistic and much more.
  • How To: Learn How To Do Anything – Learn how to do just about anything from baking a cake to making a website.
  • Videos: Songs & Clips – Search and listen to absolutely any song. View a wide variety of videos on your phone.
  • Images: Pics & Wallpapers – Search and download the coolest pics & wallpapers for your phone.
  • News: Latest, Freshest News – Read about the latest national and international news events.
  • Email: Access Email On-The-Go – Access email anywhere, anytime. One stop access point to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Rediff.
  • Facebook: Access FB – Access a mobile friendly version of Facebook from your phone.
  • Twitter: Tweet & Follow – Access a mobile friendly version of Twitter from your phone.
  • Cricket: Live Scores, News, etc. – Get live cricket scores, news and more without spending your balance by sending messages to special numbers.
  • Movie Timings: Your City Updated Daily – Just select your city name and find show timings of all the currently running movies in all the theatres & multiplexes.
  • JustDial: Local Search Engine – Find contact details of any local business, shopping mall, restaurant, movie theatres and much more in your city.
  • Finance: Stocks, Sensex, F&O, etc – Find the current value of Sensex & Nifty. Get quotes for stocks, mutual funds, commodities, F&O.
  • Reviews: Films, Eat-Outs, Products – Get reviews of movies, hotels, restaurants, mobile phones, cameras and laptops.
  • Vocab Game: For GRE, GMAT, CAT, etc – Flip through random words and learn new ones with this game designed for GRE, GMAT & CAT aspirants.
  • Horoscope: Daily Predictions – Select your star sign and get your daily horoscope.
  • Football: Live Scores, News etc – Get live football scores, news and more without spending your balance by sending messages to special numbers.
  • Celeb Gossip: Latest Of B-Town – Find out whats buzzing in the high profile celeb circle, whats the latest gossip of B-Town and whats creating waves.
  • Celeb Tweets: Follow Top Celebs – Follow the latest tweets from all top celebrities. Keep up with the lives of your favourites.
  • Currency Converter: Latest Rates – Just enter the amount and select the two currencies. You will get the latest conversion rates.
  • Dictionary: Find Any Word – Find the meaning of absolutely any word or phrase.
  • Flight Status: Track Your Flights – Just enter your flight number and find its arrival and departure status.
  • People Finder: Look People Up – Enter your long lost friend’s name and find out about him/her.
  • TechCrunch: Latest Tech News – Get the latest tech news from largest tech news blog, Tech Crunch.
  • Travel: Plan Flights & Trains – Plan your travel in India. Find flights & trains between cities with their rates, schedules & availability.
  • City Events: Daily Updates – Just select your city name and find out about all the happening events in your city.
  • SnapDeal: Best Discounts Daily – Get huge discounts daily on various products and services in your city.

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