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SMS GupShup is a free group messaging service to connect with your friends by webaroo. Using is easy. GupShup provides both the website and the SMS interface for managing the SMS Group. Currently GupShup allows only one SMS group per mobile phone. GupShup supports only the Indian mobile phones, including Reliance Mobile.

To receive clean SMS jokes daily, send JOIN JOKEZ to 567678


You can create the group, manage it and send SMS to the group members – all from within your mobile phone using SMS (text messaging).
To create your own group, send CREATE GROUPNAME to 567678.
Now that you have the group created, add your friends’ mobile numbers to the group by inviting them.
Send INVITE number1, number2 to 567678.
New members can subscribe to a public group by sending JOIN GROUPNAME.
If someone want to unsubscribe, send LEAVE GROUPNAME.
To recommend a group to your friends, SHARE GROUPNAME number, separate phone numbers with spaces.
Send DND to temporarily stop receiving messages, and DND OFF to cancel the DND.
Use MUTE GROUPNAME duration to suspend receiving messages for the duration.


SMS GupShup also provides the web interface for working with your group. You don’t need to have any SMS minutes for that! You can create a group (public or private), invite your friends by giving their mobile numbers or email addresses. Your friends will receive a welcome message. You can search for groups, and join the groups online.

SMS GupShup also supports Google Talk for message broadcasting. You just need to activate this functionality at the website and start sending SMS messages right from the Google Talk chat window. Visit the help topics

Only the group owner can post messages to the group, like broadcaster. Group members can just receive updates from the owner. Group owner can also unsubscribe a user from the group. Currently only one group can be created per mobile number. The web design is not as usable as you expect from a web 2.0 company. I have seen the website going down many times, for immediate fixes. And sometime I have seen phone numbers of the anonymous subscribers to the list. Hope GupShup would have fixed such bugs by now. Still, being an Indian startup, this is great service!

GupShup prefer your message length to 100 and maximum up to 140. The rest is used for advertising. With pure SMS advertising (m-ads), I am not sure how profitable the service is going to be. For the last one week usage, I have not seen any real good ads which somebody would have paid for it. This being a group messaging, one messages and the ads reach many people. Anyway, all the best for GupShup.

We have created a group, serviced by the Board admins. The group name is JOKEZ. To receive clean SMS jokes daily, send JOIN JOKEZ to 567678. The messages to this group are sent fro Google Talk. We are now writing an piece of program using Google Talk API to read the SMS jokes from the Ananthapuri. com database and sent to the GupShup’s Google chat id, which will automatically get distributed to the JOKEZ members.

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