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Discover a new way of banking on your Android phone with iMobile. ICICI Bank brings to you iMobile that enables a single click access to your account. Download iMobile on your Android smartphone and book movie tickets, transfer funds, recharge your prepaid mobile, pay bills on the move.

ICICI Bank brings to you the 2nd generation iMobile that has newer features, smarter interface, quicker navigation and enhanced functionality. ICICI Bank’s iMobile is your answer to banking on the move.

ICICI Bank’s Mobile Banking allows you to bank anytime anywhere through your mobile phone. You can access your banking information and make transactions on your Savings Account, Demat Accounts, Loan Accounts and Credit Cards at absolutely no cost. With the new mShop facility on iMobile, you will now be able to recharge your mobile phone and book movie tickets.

The iMobile application is supported by any handsets having Android OS version 1.5 and above.

Once you download and install iMobile app from android market, you need to activate application. For that you have to enter PIN, after entering PIN, application will send SMS to server to verify user’s Mobile number. Application would get activated based on user’s Mobile Number registered.

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iMobile is a banking application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and can be used to conduct any banking operations/ transactions on your ICICI bank accounts directly from your mobile phone. With iMobile you can access account information, transfer funds, pay utility & phone bills, recharge prepaid mobile number etc.

You can access your savings account, credit card account, demat account and loan accounts. iMobile also gives the benefit of mobile shopping which allows you to recharge your prepaid mobile number and book your movie tickets.

iMobile is a downloadable application that you can store directly on your phone to gain quicker access. All your transactions via iMobile are safe and secure as they use a 4 digit PIN that is set by you. iMobile also has the ability to log off automatically if you are busy on a call or your phone battery runs out.

It can be used on both GSM and CDMA connection by using both GPRS or SMS channel.

It gives you instant access to your:

  • Savings Account
  • Credit Card
  • Demat Account
  • Loan Accounts

Benefits of using iMobile:

  • Secure access to your bank accounts anytime, anywhere
  • Convenient menu based features designed for easy access
  • Enjoy financial transactions worth Rs 50,000 per day for funds transfer to any account, bill payment and prepaid mobile recharge

Services available with iMobile:

  • Payment of utility bills and credit card bills
  • Transfer of funds to any bank account
  • Payment of insurance premium
  • Placement of service request such us ordering of cheque books, bank account statements, cheque status and balance enquiry
  • Book movie tickets and recharge your pre-paid mobile

Note: To avail this service, you have to first register your mobile phone
number with ICICI Bank. If not registered yet, please click here to know how.

How to Download iMobile

iMobile can be downloaded directly onto to your mobile phone using GPRS. To download SMS <IMOBILE> to <5676766> or enter on your mobile phone web browser

Customers with a GSM mobile phone that is GPRS enabled can follow the below mentioned steps. These steps are for reference only and may vary from handset to handset, however the process will remain the same.If you are a CDMA user or non-GPRS user, click here to know the download process.

  1. SMS IMOBILE to 5676766 from your mobile phone.
  2. You will receive a SMS with a link to download the ICICI Bank iMobile application.
  3. Click this link. A WAP page will open with a “Download” link. Click “Download”.
  4. This will start downloading the ICICI Mobile Banking application.
  5. This will install iMobile automatically and the ICICI Mobile Banking application icon will appear in the “Applications” menu.

If you are a CDMA user or non-GPRS user, click here to know the download process


It is our constant endeavour to offer services that meet our customers’ evolving needs. With mShop ICICI Bank takes mobile shopping to a whole new level, giving you added benefits and extensive services that help you make all your decisions quickly and with ease.

Features of iMobile mShop:

  • Shop from anywhere at anytime
  • Reach stores beyond your vicinity with one click
  • Time saving and cost effective
  • Secure mode of shopping from your ICICI Bank Savings Account


iMobile offers a range of services in a simple consolidated menu. Now you can make banking transactions like funds transfer, bill  payment, balance enquiry, locate a branch, view your last 5 transactions and much more.

Using GPRS enabled mobile handset or through SMS, iMobile helps you to connect directly to your bank account. This rich client based application needs to be installed on your mobile thereby enabling a single click access to your account.
Note: To avail this service, you have to first register your mobile phone number with ICICI Bank. If not registered yet,
please click here to know how

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