iMobile – ICICI Mobile Banking Application – Money Transfers, Bill Payments, Account Details

iMobile, a mobile banking application offered by ICICI Bank assists all of its customers to do mobile money transfer, bill payments and check credit card balance through their mobile. This mobile application covers savings bank, Demat, Credit Card and Loan accounts. Using iMobile practically all internet banking transactions can now be simply done on mobiles phones.

Customers can transfer funds up to Rs 5000 per account per day to ICICI and Non ICICI Bank accounts, pay their utility bills and insurance premium up to Rs 10000 per account per day, balance inquiry and loan / demat / account details, just with the click of their mobile. The iMobile facility is provided free of charge to ICICI customers.


Customers having GPRS facility on their mobile phones can directly download the iMobile application by simply sending an sms iMobile to 5676766. For mobile phones without GPRS facility, download the iMobile application onto your desktop and transfer to your mobile phone using bluetooth or datacable.


  1. Its failed to install and it charged 3 rupees per sms while installing automatically for 5 times. i lost 15 rupees, n failed.

  2. hi in sandy sbi mobile banking for gprs se recharge tricks setting than no rs 3per sms chages okkkkkk to contact me ……9589541474 ——–sandy

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