Google’s Hummingbird Search Algorithm to Provide ‘Intelligent Results’

Google had officially unveiled a new search algorithm, codenamed Hummingbird, to provide better results in search queries. It has already been in use for about a month, and affected about 90% of Google searches.

Google search expert Amit Singhal at the event

Google stressed that the change is important as users expect more natural & conversational interactions with a search engine. Such as requesting for a search in a mobile phone/ smart watch/ other wearable technology using their voice.

Unlike its predecessor Caffeine, Hummingbird is focused on ranking information based on a more intelligent understanding of the search requests. Caffeine was targeted at better indexing of websites.

It is capable of understanding concepts and the relationships between them rather than just words. So we can call it as an extension to Google’s “Knowledge Graph” concept, which was introduced last year, aimed at making interactions more human.

In the event, a Google executive asked for pictures of the Eiffel Tower to her mobile phone using voice search. After the pictures appeared, she asked how tall it was. After getting the right answer, she asked for the pictures of the construction and a list of images appeared.

source : BBC

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