How to Start a New Company Without Quitting Your Current Job?

Recently I read an article in CNN’s Business 2.0 magazine to help those who stuck in a cubicle dreams of starting his own business. Here are 5 ways to use your current gig to launch a new venture.

  1. Use Your Salary as Funding: The idea is to continue working in your current organization, do your day job for survival, use your salary to invest in the startup as much as possible before jumping ship. Hire a developer, spend your evening and weekends, and build up the company in your dreams. This is the best option I could think of, in order to have an internet startup company in my dreams!
  2. Turn Common Complaints Into a Business Plan: You know that a feature your customers are always asking for? If your employer won’t deliver it, maybe you should.
  3. Make Your Boss a Beta Tester: Since you know what your current firm might want, develop an application to cater them and sell to that organization!
  4. Take Advantage of Your Company’s Reputation: Turn the brand value, reputation and halo your previous employer had into seed capital.
  5. Convert Your Employer Into a Business Partner: if you have an innovative idea and your employer listens to, then you may be able to start a new division of the company.

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