EQO – Cheap Calling, Cheap Texting and Instant Messaging

EQO (pronounced echo), is a mobile application that brings instant messaging, cheap international calling and cheap text messaging to mobile phones. With EQO, you can chat with your IM buddies for free from your mobile phone. Mobile IM with EQO is compatible with all major IM services including MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber.

You can call other EQO users at 50% off EQO’s low calling rates. Text messages between EQO users are free. EQO now supports over 200 countries, including India.


Once you complete sign-up, EQO will send text messages to the mobile number with your EQO password and a link to download EQO. Click on the link (http://get.eqo.com) to begin downloading EQO. When your phone will ask you for permission to access the internet in order to download EQO to your phone, please say Yes. EQO requires access to the internet to place calls, send messages and instant messages. So please insure you have a data / internet plan on your phone.

Once downloaded, EQO will prompt you to start the application, and you’ll be asked for permission to allow EQO to access the internet – please say Yes – it may take a few moments for EQO to connect.

Promotion: At the time of this posting, you can get free EQO credits when you invite your friends to join EQO; you get up to 1 hour of free international calling minutes or 25 texts messages to anyone.

EQO has also developed an application on Facebook – EQO vibrator. Using EQO vibrator, you can send free Vibes to anyone on Facebook, or send Vibes to your EQO friends.

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