High-Speed Internet, Facebook and Google Made Great Impact – Survey

According to a study by Zogby Interactive, the expansion of high speed internet has had the greatest technological impact on the American society over the past decade.

High speed internet (24%), Facebook (22%) and Google (10%) lead the list of technology having the most impact on society over last 10 years.

While women (27%) and adults under the age of 55 voted for Facebook, men (27%) and those over 55 voted for high speed internet.

Adults aged 35-54 are split between Facebook (25%) and high speed internet (24%).

Young adults, aged 18-24, find Google (25%) as the second most impactful invention of the past decade, with Facebook (28%) being first.

Many believe the greatest technological advancement for the next year will be in home entertainment (24%), general computing (16%) is still among the top ranks but comes in second.

In the next decade (by the year 2020), American’s believe the following will be take place:

  • Regular use of stem cells and cloning techniques to create human organs for transplant (43%)
  • Computer chips implanted in people to monitor their health (40%)
  • Robots capable of performing manual labor jobs (40%)
  • Incorporation of virtual reality into home entertainment (36%)

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