HDFC Secure Access – Enhances the Security of Online Transactions

HDFC Bank has implemented a new security solution for its customers – Secure Access which is the Secure Access solution to protect you from fraudsters and hackers – who are looking to find a way to access your account.

Secure Access protects your online transactions. Taking the “Secure Banking” initiative to the next level we are pleased to announce the launch of Secure Access, an online security initiative which will make your NetBanking transactions more safe.

Two key points you need to note-

  • As a part of Secure Access, logging into HDFC Bank NetBanking is now a two step process. After keying in your customer id on the first screen, we will take you to the next one where you can enter your password.
  • Secure Access has an innovative Multi-layered Authentication Process, which requires you to register for conducting ANY Third Party Transaction. A personalized picture and message will help you identify fraud sites.

This online security measure has been introduced to protect your account from fraudsters and hackers. Just follow the four easy steps to register, and ensure your transactions are safe and secure!

Currently following transactions are covered under Secure Access:

  • Transfer from one HDFC Bank account to other HDFC Bank account holders (under distinct customer ID)
  • Transfer from HDFC Bank account to any other Bank’s account (also known as RTGS & NEFT)
  • Visa CardPay
  • Third Party Demand Draft through NetBanking

Let us take you through the steps involved in Secure Access and how it serves to protect your account

HDFC Bank’s NetBanking login is now a two step process

  • Screen 1 is where you key-in your customer id
  • Screen 2 is for your password

This is done as a security measure. On putting in your customer id, our backend will verify if you are registered for Third Party Transfers.

If you are not Third Party Transfer registered, the next screen will have a box to key-in your password.

If, however, you are registered for Third Party Transfers you will shown an image and text that have been personalised by you during registration for Secure Access.

Secure Access is an additional layer of security that is essentially a solution protecting your account from hackers and fraudsters. Secure Access requires a one-time registration effort from your side.

To register for Secure Access you will need to:

  • Personalise an image
  • Personalise text
  • Answer 5 questions
  • Share two contact numbers [source]

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