Hardwipe – Free File Wiper and Drive Cleaner for Windows

Hardwipe is a Free File Wiper and drive cleaner for Windows that can be used to ensure that the files you delete remain deleted, by first deleting and then overwriting files with random data. It is a document Shredder for your computer. It erases file contents and cleans unused hard-disk space to prevent personal and business information from ever being recovered. It is designed for Windows 7 and above, and provides a slick user interface that integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer so that you can simply right-click to wipe files, clean hard-disks and USB sticks.

This is very useful for any selling a computer or passing on a hard drive, but the program also proves useful for anyone who shares a computer with others and wants to ensure that deleted data does not fall into the wrong hands. This option presents itself in two ways – the ability to wipe individual files and folders in much the same way as wiping an entire drive, and wiping free space to remove traces of other files that have been used.

It also gives you the option of wiping the contents of Windows’ swap file which can reveal a great deal of information about what you have been using your computer for. As some of the wiping operations can be quite lengthy, the ability to automatically shut down your computer on completion is very welcome.

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  • Cleans USB sticks of sensitive data.
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer so you can wipe files simply by rightclicking!
  • Able to purge your Windows Swapfile*.
  • [advt]Drive cleaning is fast! Approximately 3 times quicker than SDelete.
  • Intelligent use of disk Cache so that your computer remains responsive when cleaning entire drives.
  • Hardwipe can shutdown your computer automatically when finished — so you can simply leave a lengthy job running. Useful when cleaning large harddrives, this can take several hours.
  • Supports all major overwriting schemes, including: GOST P5073995, DOD 5220.22M, Schneier & Gutmann.

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