Mantra – Collection of Free Tools that Integrated Into Web Browser

Mantra is a collection of free and open source tools integrated into a web browser, which can become handy for students, penetration testers, web application developers, security professionals etc. It is portable, ready-to-run, compact and follows the true spirit of free and open source software.

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[advt]Information gathering tools include Flagfox (identifies a server’s physical location) and Wappalyzer (itemizes the technologies used on the current site), for instance. JSView shows you the scripts and style sheets applied to the current page, while assorted other tools reveal more about the site in general. And there are more active tools, too: a single click will open a sidebar containing all the links on the current page, and then allow you to search and test them.

Firebug, also included, helps you to monitor, debug and edit CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Greasemonkey then manages your scripts, Flashbug can debug Flash, Event Spy helps you understand page behaviour by displaying JavaScript events as they happen, and there are all kinds of other tools to assist with monitoring network and web traffic, managing proxies, managing cookies, testing web security and more.

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