Download Shutter – Perform an Action When User-Specified Event Occurs

Shutter lets you perform an action when a user-specified event occurs. The event could be timer countdown, a certain time trigger, low CPU usage, user inactive, low battery etc. The action could be shutdown, reboot, log off, lock workstation, sleep, hibernate etc. It is also able to play a custom sound and/or run a program of your choice, in addition to displaying a user-configurable message. A web interface is also available that permits remote execution of one of a list of actions.

Download Shutter

  • Installer – A wizard that will guide you through the installation process. Recommended for novice users.
  • Archive – For users who want a more portable format and do not require installer or uninstaller.
  • Beta – Latest development version. May contain unstable features. For advanced users only.
  • [advt]Alpha – An early preview of work in progress. For advanced users only.
  • Additional downloads – Support files for the application. For example: user manual, translation, etc.
  • Download mirrors – Other sites where the application is published and available for download


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