Groupsites – Social Collaboration and Networking

Groupsites are collaboration websites for groups. Groupsites enable groups to communicate, share and network to make things happen. It bring together only the most useful features of listservs, collaboration software and social networks into a system  that empower groups to easily communicate, share and network. It is fun and easy to use, and functional.

Groupsites are inspiring the social collaboration movement by empowering ordinary people with self-serve, professional grade social networking and collaboration. A wide variety of people within companies, communities, education, government and non-profits create Groupsites to come together and make things happen.

[advt] has been focused on empowering groups of all types and sizes to communicate, share and network – the universal requirements for making things happen within groups. It empowers groups to achieve this through social collaboration quickly, easily, securely and at little or no cost. is a multi-purpose social collaboration platform. Groupsites are uncluttered with the needless distractions often found in Social Networks and are group-centric.  Groupsites are designed specifically to empower groups of all types and sizes to make things happen.

The creator of the Groupsite is automatically the group’s initial manager. Once the Groupsite has been created, Manager controls can be assigned to other group members. Group Managers may customize the Groupsite, set group permissions, invite and manage group members, upgrade to any premium feature and more. These tasks may be competed very quickly and easily from within the Manager area of the Groupsite.


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