GrooveJaar – Download Manager for Grooveshark Platform

GrooveJaar is a download manager specialized on the Grooveshark platform. Based on Java, it offers all kinds of functions and features so that you can save your favorite music on your PC. Grooveshark is a popular online music streaming site with millions of tracks uploaded by its users. It is yet another portable freeware tool for downloading songs from Grooveshark. The app is Java based tool and hence Java runtime it required on your Windows for executing this tool.

Download GrooveJaar


  • Search songs
  • Fetch user playlist
  • Fetch top songs
  • Fetch songs from albums
  • Retrieve useful information for every songs searched like bitrate or size..
  • Multithread
  • Cover preview and download (if present on GrooveShark)
  • [advt]Possibility to listen a song without any type of download (also with queue support)
  • Add songs to your user lib
  • Add songs to your favorite music
  • Notify on new available update

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