Ora Time and Expense – Free Timesheet Software

Ora Time and Expense is free timesheet software that allows employers to record employees’ productivity time and expense sheet with ease. It used for tracking and generating timesheets and expense reports. It is extremely useful for organizations and employers who want to be prompt about their employees’ expenses and time details. You can easily keep track of their idle time and productivity and rate them accordingly.

You can use the application task timer as you work and the timer will record the time taken by your activity in all. Start the timer when you begin a task, stop it when you are done, and it will calculate the total duration. The time sheet for the task can be made for minutes, hours and on day basis.

It has scanning options for your invoices and bills right from the web cam. Thus, if your scanner is out of order, then you can also use your web cam for scanning docs and bills for the employees for record. The scanned copies can be used for keeping automatic inclusion in expense reports. Moreover, this feature rich application has wizards for entering particular expenses like hotel bills and mileage invoices.

Download Ora Time and Expense 


  • Ora Time and Expense software installs on your PC or Mac. No internet connection needed.
  • Task timer for tracking timesheet activities as you go. Start the timer when you begin a task, stop it when your done, and Ora will calculate the total duration.
  • Use your webcam to scan expense receipts for automatic inclusion in expense reports
  • Mileage and Hotel wizards for quick expense entries
  • Enter timesheet tasks in minutes, hours, or days
  • [advt]Generate timesheets, expense reports, and invoices in HTML, Excel, CSV, or XML.
  • Customizable timesheet, expense report, and invoice templates


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