Google Voice Search – Speak Out Your Search Queries Instead Of Typing

voicesearch-iconYou can now search Google by saying your search term, using Google Voice Search instead of typing it. It could be a convenient way to search if you speak faster than you type or if you’re not sure how to spell your search term.

To speak your web searches instead of typing them, click on the microphone that appears on the right side of the search box. When you see a dialog bubble appear, speak your search query out loud and your results will show up just as they would if you’d typed the query.

It’s easy to search out loud. All you need is a built-in or attached microphone. Just click the mic in the search bar and start talking.

Currently Google Voice Search is available only in


Useful For

[advt]Hard-to-spell searches: Makes searching words you’re not sure how to spell quicker and easier.

Longer searches: Search long queries, even really, really long queries, just by talking.

Searches that are just more fun to search out loud: Now you can ask your computer anything.

Searching without typing: Use it in the kitchen, in the garage or anytime your hands might be full.


You can use Voice Search on the English version of if you’re using the latest version of Chrome. If you already have Chrome installed, click the wrench icon wrench and select About Google Chrome to check for a new version. If you don’t have Chrome, you can download Google Chrome

Make sure your computer has a working microphone. While some laptops and desktops have built-in microphones, others require external ones. You should be able to test the microphone in your computer’s audio settings in system preferences or control panel.

Using Voice Search

Open the Chrome browser and go to . You’ll see a small gray microphone on the right-hand side of the search box.

Click the microphone and you’ll see the dialog bubble below indicating that it’s time for you to say your search term.

Your results show up just as if you had typed the search term.


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