Google AdSense Pays 68% of the Revenue Collected from Advertisers

The most popular AdSense products are AdSense for content and AdSense for search. AdSense for content allows publishers to generate revenue from ads placed alongside web content. AdSense for content publishers make up the vast majority of AdSense publishers. AdSense for search allows publishers to place a custom Google search engine on their site and generate revenue from ads shown next to search results. Over the next few months, the revenue shares for AdSense for content and AdSense for search will be published right in the AdSense interface for the publishers.

AdSense for content publishers earn a 68% revenue share worldwide. This means, Google pays 68% of the revenue that they collect from advertisers for AdSense for content ads that appear on your sites, worldwide. The remaining portion reflects Google’s costs for continued investment in AdSense. Since launching AdSense for content in 2003, the revenue share has never changed. AdSense for search partners are paid 51% revenue share, worldwide, for the search ads that appear through their implementations.


Even though Google does not guarantee that the revenue share will never change, but there is no current plans to do so for any AdSense product. Google hasn’t disclosed revenue share for other AdSense products such as AdSense for mobile applications, AdSense for feeds, and AdSense for games, because they are quickly evolving, and Google is still learning about the costs associated with supporting them.

We hope this additional transparency helps you gain more insight into your business partnership with Google. We believe our revenue share is very competitive, and the vast number of advertisers who compete to appear on AdSense sites helps to ensure that you’re earning the most from every ad impression. Additionally, when considering different monetization options, we encourage you to focus on the total revenue generated from your site, rather than just revenue share, which can be misleading. For example, you would receive $68 with AdSense for content for $100 worth of advertising that appeared on your site. If another ad network offers an 80% revenue share, but is only able to collect $50 from ads served on your site, you would earn $40. In this case, a higher revenue share wouldn’t make up for the lower revenue yield of the other ad network. [source]

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