GoAnimate – Create Online Animated Videos

GoAnimate is a free online animated video creator that allows the user to make attractive animations. Making cartoons and animation ads for specific purposes, was very difficult without the set of tools and automation. One had to draw the characters manually, which involved a lot of work and this could not be done by everyone. It is a solution to all such issues, where even a naive user can create great animation videos, effortlessly.

You can directly create nice animated videos within YouTube with this and then post those videos in YouTube. You can choose your characters from lot of pre-defined characters, add voice, and even use text to voice feature to just type text, and automatically convert that to voice.

The Advantages of Using GoAnimate are:

  • NO download and installation required. Just a simple registration that will take only a few steps.
  • Intuitive interface and great feature list that allows the user to select the feature he wants while creating a character.
  • Complete automation. The user just has to choose from the range of options and resources available.
  • Rich templates for the user to choose from while creating the animations.
  • [advt]NO hand-drawing required. The user can select the backgrounds, character features etc.,that are needed from the Animation Studio and that’s it. Creating a rich animation video is as simple as that.
  • The voices that are to be used in the cartoon, are available as well.  Activities of the characters like walking, talking and dancing , theme and props in the background all can be selected using  simple mouse clicks.
  • An intuitive text to voice function that makes the character speak the entered text is also available. The tone of the voice to be used can also be selected.
  • Effects like zooms,change of angle, black and white etc., can also be added.
  • Importing music, sound effects and voices is also possible.
  • Previewing the created animation is possible as well.

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