Get Recommendations About Restaurants, Movies, etc – Ditto Networking Mobile App

Ditto makes it easy to get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do.  See what your friends are doing, when they’re looking for a friend to join them for coffee, what movie they’re going to see, and what their evening plans are. Work like networking site.

Download the app and start Dittoing.

When you first load up Ditto, you’re asked to log in via Facebook Connect. With that social layer out of the way, you’ll see a main screen with three swipe-able pages of big icons along the top. Things like “At home”, “Eat out”, “Work”, and “See movie” all easily allow you to declare you intention to do something.

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[advt]Clicking on any of these drills down to a box where you can comment on your plans and also set a specific location for that plan. But that’s one of the keys. If you don’t know where you should eat for example, you just leave the location blank. It will then send a message to your Ditto friends that you want to eat, but aren’t sure where. When your friends see this, they can leave a comment recommending spots to eat. And if you like one of them, you can award them a trophy.

This works basically the same way for all of the various activities, not just eating. And you can be even more specific about your intentions by choosing other icons beyond the general food one. For example, there’s an “Asian” icon, a “Breakfast” icon, etc.


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