GeeTeeDee – Personal Task and Notes Manager

GeeTeeDee is a personal task and notes manager with a clean interface. It supports the GTD (Getting Things Done) concept and allows you to create custom categories to organize and classify your task. You can drag and drop items between categories, review completed tasks and set due dates. If you are looking for an easy to use task organizer with basic features, give it a try.

You can easily create new tasks, attach a due date and notes, and easily drag and drop them between your custom lists. The interface for GeeTeeDee is minimalist and easy to navigate, you can easily switch between a compact and expanded view and use the Cleanup button to fresh lists and archive completed tasks.

You can set up multiple groups of tasks, each ordered by due date and tick off each one as it’s completed. There are some common groups, like home, phone and internet, but you can also create your own custom ones too.

Download GeeTeeDee 


  • [advt]Lightweight design to keep you focused
  • Collecting tasks is easy
  • Group tasks
  • Create timed tasks
  • Customizable groups
  • Compact view
  • User-friendly installation. Admin rights are not require
  • Drag’n’drop tasks and groups

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