Frrole – Social Newspaper for Twitter

Frrole is a social newspaper built on top of Twitter. It analyzes Twitter data city by city, filtering out the noise and pulling out the most useful and popular tweets. These tweets are then algorithmically analyzed and categorized under different sections like Events, Sports, Deals etc. It gives the consumer a brand new way of discovering his city and finding out what it is up to.

Frrole fills the gap of constrained and/or undiscoverable sources by democratizing the information sources. It does not matter anymore whether the information comes from the biggest media corporation or from the guy next door. If people around find the information relevant, it automatically bubbles up to the top, in real-time, irrespective of where it came from. Everybody is a journalist in Frrole.

Frrole API

[advt]Frrole has the ability to provide information that is contextualized, democratized and real-time. It dreams of making this information ubiquitously available. Whether you are a media powerhouse or an individual developer with a locally targeted offering – events, tourism, places, reviews, deals, news or whatever else, it interested in working with you.

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