Friend-Pointer – Surf Website with Your Friends in Real-Time

Friend-Pointer is a tool that lets you surf and navigate websites from multiple PC’s with your friends in real-time. Anyone can navigate with a friend or advisor through any Website real time, while at different locations. You can interact with friends in the Web by using the mouse or tap: to lead each other through pages, move the pointer, entering text together, watching movies, passing trying ons and much more.


  • The POINTER Dialogue is purely browser based: NO access to computers, No desktop sharing.
  • [advt] eFlipchart neither does collect any personal information nor create movement protocols.
  •  An invited person only gets in conjunction with you, if you also click on your link.
  •  The automatically created dialog links have a randomly generated code.
  •  The transfer of chat and position data to the eFlipchart Server runs encrypted.

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