ccLoop – Smart Mailing Lists

ccLoop is a smart mailing lists. Create a loop so you can get your work done very faster, easier, and better all from your own inbox. A loop is a smart mailing list that is easy to create, search, and share. Use loops to communicate and collaborate with people inside and outside of your company. Toss your tired old mailing lists and lose your reply all habit.

No need to change your email address or email client. Because loops are completely web-based, you don’t need to worry about servers or software updates. ccLoop is email, so it works anywhere, for anyone, on any device.¬†Create a loop with a single click or a single email with no IT involvement or complex administrative interfaces. You can start looping the next moment, and those you invite can get started without even creating an account.

Choose whether you want to read your loop emails in your inbox or on the ccLoop web interface. Or select the daily digest for a summary email of all loop messages. Receive only what you want and find the rest when you need it.

[advt]Search your loops in a modern, social, beautiful web interface. Go right to the latest version of documents; follow threads, and view images and videos directly in your browser. Make your loop open to anyone in your company so they can discover, search, and follow it. And discover other loops and content that you can use to get your job done.

You can create a loop, invite your colleagues, and use it to collaborate. Don’t ask them to change their work habits or learn new tools. Does everyone need to have the most recent sales presentations or datasheets? Simply send it to a loop, and anyone can follow it to make sure they always have the latest.

Using this you can stay secure It take all possible steps in making sure your cloud-based loops are secure, and  use SSL access for all web features.

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