Free Typing Tutor Software for Children – Download Tux Typing

Tux Typing is a free and open source typing tutor created especially for children. It features several different types of game play, at a variety of difficulty levels. It is designed to be fun and educational.

Each fish has a letter or a word written on it. When the player presses the corresponding key, or types the appropriate word, Tux will position himself to eat the fish made for children learning to type and spell.

Tux Typing  is a touch typing program to help you increase your skill and speed in using a computer keyboard. It has something for everyone no matter who or where you are. It is designed to be fun to play and also as a tool for those who have the more serious side of typing in mind.

Most people think faster than they can type. With Tux Typing  you can follow some easy to do lessons and learn to type like a professional. Through lessons and two great mini games  you can see how fast you are and improve while you have fun.

Progress tracking and reporting is an essential piece of functionality for any typing tutor that is to be used to teach touch typing to students in schools. Teachers need to evaluate how well a student does in different exercises, how much they improve over time, etc. LNS and community members have come together to make this a part of Tux Typing.

Click here to download TuxTyping

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