Free Music Sheet Creation Software – Download LilyPond

LilyPond allows musicians to produce elegant sheet music that is easy to read.  All of LilyPond’s style settings, font designs and algorithms have been inspired by the finest hand-engraved music. LilyPond output has the same strong, balanced and elegant look as the best-engraved classical scores. LilyPond can be downloaded free of charge.  LilyPond runs on all popular platforms: GNU/Linux, MacOS X, and Windows. Several developers, themselves active LilyPond users, have also written tools specifically aimed at making the process of editing LilyPond files faster and more effective. Click here to download  LilyPond


  • Optical font scaling: depending on the staff size, the design of the music font is slightly altered.
  • Optical spacing: stem directions are taken into account when spacing subsequent notes.
  • Special ledger line handling: ledger lines are shortened when accidentals are nearby, thus enhancing readability.
  • Proportional spacing: notes can be positioned in such a way that exactly reflects their duration.

LilyPond takes ASCII input, which you can produce in your favorite text editor, quickly and comfortably. Put fragments of music into texts without cutting and pasting pictures. Text-based input also makes score-writing possible for users with severe physical disabilities. Dexterity-impaired users who are unable to type or control a computer mouse can use speech-recognition software to edit LilyPond files.

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