Free SMS to United States

Sending SMS to your friends and relatives in US is now easier with lots of online service providers providing free SMS services. Here we list some of the free SMS service providers.

SMS through Yahoo Messenger

Through the popular chat application Yahoo messenger, you can now send SMS to United States from your personal computer. Currently, you can send messages to any of the following mobile telecom providers in US: AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile. For more details, you can refer our article

SMS through Yahoo Mail Beta

You can also send free SMS to United States right from Yahoo Mail Beta. For this, you need to login to Yahoo Mail Beta and under the New drop down tab adjacent to Check Mail, you can find SMS. From the chat window that appears, you can send SMS messages to your friends in US, just by typing the cell number of the recipient with country code and clicking send.

SMS through Indiatimes Chikka Messenger

You can install and use Chikka Messenger version 4 to send messages to United States. All major telecom operators are supported in the Chikka Messenger version 4. This includes Alltel wireless, AT&T, Boost mobile, Verizon, Sprint and Nextel. For more info, visit

Chikka Messenger Tariffs for US telecom companies


For AT&T, ALLTEL, Boost mobile, Nextel, Sprint:


Sending messages to Alltel, Boost mobile, Nextel and Sprint is free. But the recipient (of the above mentioned telecom companies) will be charged $0.30 for every three messages received.

For Verizon:


Sending messages to Verizon is free. But the recipient will be charged $0.45 for every three Chikka messages received.

Chikka messenger version 4 can be downloaded from

SMS through Gmail Chat

You can use your Gmail account to send free SMS to US. US Gmail users can directly find the SMS option in the chat window. Non-US Gmail users have to manually enable the settings to utilize the SMS feature in Chat window. Below, we show you the procedure to do so.

Login to your Gmail account. Once you login, you need to enable Send SMS in the chat settings. To do this, go to Options in the Chat window. Select Chat settings. In the new window that appears, select Labs tab. Among the list, you can find SMS in Chat gadget. Click Enable. Likewise also find Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat and select Enable. Click Save Changes at the bottom of your page.

Now your Gmail page gets refreshed and the two options you just added will be visible in the left side of your Gmail page.

Sending SMS to your contacts in US through Chat window.

To send SMS to any of your contacts, enter the contact name in the ‘Search or invite friends’ box in Chat. From the box that appears in the right of the name, select Send SMS. Enter the mobile number of your contact and click Save.In the chat window that appears, type the message and hit Enter. Done.

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