Vakow! – SMS Forwarding for Crazy People and Free Personal SMS in India

Vakow! is a community for SMS blogging and sharing. Vakow! was again in the news recently when Rediff invested an undisclosed amount. Vakow! was started by IIT Mumbai alumni Rahul Gupta and Amit Upadhyay in October 2007. We wrote about Vakow as a free SMS storage in Nov 2007.

Vakow! has evolved from tehre. Now you can start your SMS blog, follow your friends or tags you like and receive updates, find cool SMS to share with your friends on phone, email or various social networks. You can use web interface or post your SMS from your mobile.

You can start posting your SMS to 9901554321 or follow a user or tag (follow username/tag to 9901554321) straight from your phone without registration.

You can also send personal SMS to any phone in India, for free.


Using Vakow, you can receive and share cool SMSes. You post SMS messages to Vakow and it will be forwarded to your followers. Your followers can comment on it from their mobile or on the web. Other Vakow! users can rate your SMS, tag it, and share it with their friends on phone, email or various social networks.

Post to Twitter, It’s cheaper

You can also post to twitter through Vakow from your mobile phone in India! It is cheaper because Vakow’s 10 digit number will cost you as per your regular SMS plan. To post your message to Twitter, Put twit before your message if you want to post it to twitter only.

How much it costs?

It’s only when you send an SMS to Vakow! number (9901554321) from your phone for posting etc. that you incur the cost of a regular non-premium SMS. Vakow! has a regular 10-digit phone number and it will cost you exactly the same amount as it does when you send an SMS to your friend. It is NOT a premium number or a shortcode and your regular SMS charges are applicable.

Vakow! display your phone number when you send a personal SMS to your friend, so that he or she can identify you.

Non-registered users can receive upto 5 personal SMSes a day. Ask your friends to sign up to be able to receive more.

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