How To Enable Yahoo Messenger for SMS

Yahoo MessengerIf you are a long time user of Yahoo Messenger, you would already know that you can sign into Yahoo Messenger from your mobile phone via SMS. You do not need to download Yahoo! Messenger on your phone or subscribe to any data package to use Yahoo! Messenger for SMS. We have noticed that many of our readers are not aware of this service. Hope this helps.

After you are done with your Yahoo Messenger on your computer, instead of logging off, you can sign into your mobile device. You will get the list of friends online as SMS to your mobile, and you can chat with them using SMS. Simple. Yahoo does not charge you anything for this service. You may be charged for your SMS by your cell phone providers.

Yahoo! Messenger SMS is currently available in Argentina, Australia & New Zealand, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. Details of the supported networks and short codes are given below.

In India, Yahoo Messenger via SMS uses 58282 shortcode and is available in all major operators including Airtel, Reliance Mobile, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, BPL Mobile, Aircel, Tata Indicom, and Spice Telecom. Even though Yahoo provide this service for free, the operators may charges you per SMS. I guess Airtel and Reliance charges Rs. 3 per SMS sent and other operators charge Rs. 2 per SMS sent. There is no charge for receiving SMS in India.


Signing into Mobile Device

Sign in to Mobile makes it easy to Sign in to Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone or other device when you leave your computer.

Your friends will see you as I’m Mobile and will be able to send messages directly to your device.

To use Sign in to Mobile, you must first register a device that can receive SMS text messages. You can either register from your Yahoo Messenger client or on the web at Yahoo Mobile Registration page.

Depending on your wireless provider, you may incur charges for sending and receiving text messages on your mobile device. So check with your carrier service agreement for more information. In India, receiving any SMS is free of charge.

How To Register Your Mobile Phone From Yahoo Messenger

Register MobileTo register your mobile phone with Yahoo Messenger, first start your Yahoo Messenger client in your computer and login with your Yahoo! ID. Click on the Messenger tab in the menu bar and select Sign in to Mobile Device. Now register your mobile number by selecting your country and entering your mobile number.

It is necessary to confirm your device in order to use the IM Forwarding service; this step is needed to verify that Yahoo is able to communicate with your device. A four-digit confirmation code will be sent, via text message (SMS), to your mobile phone. Enter this four-digit code into the Registration screen on your PC. You can set to have Automatic Sign-in to your mobile phone when signing out from the Yahoo Messenger client in your computer.

Register MobileYou have successfully registered your device for IM Forwarding. When you are done with your chatting in computer, click on the Messenger tab in the menu bar and select Sign in to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Now are are online in your mobile!

Alternatively, you can set your preference to always have IMs forwarded to your phone when you exit messenger by selecting Messenger, Preferences, “Always sign into my mobile device when I exit Messenger.”

Always Sign into Mobile

You will now receive your Yahoo! Messenger messages via text (SMS) on your phone. You will receive an SMS from Yahoo with a list of friends online with a number attached to them.

Yahoo Messenger SMS Commands

Action SMS Command
Sign In from Mobile Messenger in <yahoo id> <password>
Get SMS Command Help help im
Sign Out from Mobile Messenger out
Send Message to a Yahoo ID to <yahoo id> <message>
Reply to a Message <message>
View Online Friends get
View all IM friends, online/offline get all
View more online friends for long friends’ list more
Add Friends to Yahoo Messenger add <yahoo id>
Delete a Friend from Messenger del <yahoo id>
Accept a Request & Add to Contact List a
Deny a Contact Request d
Add Sender to Ignore List ignore

Supported Countries, Network and Shortcode

Yahoo! Messenger for SMS is currently available in the countries listed here.

Country Operator Shortcode
Australia Optus 2277
Australia Orange 12611161
Australia Telstra 019834
Australia Vodafone 126007
Canada Rogers 92466000
India Airtel,BPL, BSNL, Escotel, Hutch, Idea, MTNL,
Oasis, Reliance, RPG, Spice, Tata Telecom
Indonesia Exelcom 9246
Indonesia Telekomsel 4246
Malaysia Celcom 22235
Malaysia Digi 32235
Malaysia Maxis 32235
Philippines Globe 2258
Philippines Smart 62580
Thailand AIS 4508040
Thailand Dtac 61
United States Alltel, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile 92466
Vietnam Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone 8269

Short code information is not available for some networks, you may check out your cell phone provider website or their customer service for further details.

If the short code is not available, you can try registering from the Yahoo! Messenegr client, and it will send you the verification code from the shortcode number. You can then use the short code from your mobile.


  1. i can’t send reply to my friends sms via ym mobile though i receive messages from them my reply can’t be sent to them..why??need help..sos smart provider 62580

  2. I am getting a problem. I was using continue yahoo messanger services by my mobile number 03022905247 from pakistan, but now it does not show pakistan country in list and I am unable to signing in to my mobile number.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Your well wisher.
    Murtaza Mirani

  3. WHy is not MOngolia in currentlu available location? why why why? mongolia is big country but why is not country is in country location’s list?

  4. i lost my mobile phone so i dont want to be sign in automatically to my mobile everytime i log out of yahoo,,,, what should i do? pls help me,,,,thanks!

  5. i had an old mobile no. set for the option of “sign in to mobile service” i want to change that old mobile no. to my new no. so that when i sign out from yahoo messenger in my PC..i wil automaticaly get signed in through my to go abt tht procedure?plz help out guys..:)

  6. I had prev registered with a number and now wanna change it.. how to do it..

    In my client side messenger.. i get only the prev no. and not the new one..

  7. i dont active my mobile number on yahoo massanger show error

    Sorry, Unable to process request at this time — error 999.
    please solw my problom as soon as possibal

  8. i am not able to add my Tata number tell me what to do as i have changed from airtel to tata, plz help me

  9. I am having problems. I know my phone is SMS capable, but the messenger will not accept my phone number. It says that it can not accept the number at this time. I can go to it from my phones browser, but it is not the same. Someone help me.

  10. I am living in india. I want to send free text to my frends who living in UK. How can i send text to them frm india. Can u suggest some web add ??


  11. Hello sir,
    i need to send msg for i think yahoo has not provided d service n ow can i send sms thro messenger to france

  12. why do you waste time trying this when you can send free sms from orkut free of charge (free for both sender and reciever)

    in yahoo messenger you will be able to send two or three msgs and after that 3 rupees will be detected for the reciever.
    there r several other websites that do not charge anything try them.

  13. 🙂 But you can use this as an emergency messaging system! And if there is anything urgent, someone can send you a message, which you receive for free in India, then go online to chat.
    Regarding, Google Talk, let us see…

  14. Also these days hardly anybody is using Y! Messenger.

    GTalk is where action is. So we want something for GTalk!

  15. Yahoo will not charge.But service provider will charge. At the end of day I don’t want paid service.:)

  16. Hi,

    You mentioned as follows. but kuwait is not in the list in short code.

    “Yahoo! Messenger SMS is currently available in Argentina, Australia & New Zealand, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. Details of the supported networks and short codes are given below.”

    How to access in kuwait?


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