Free SMS to Hong Kong

How about sending some free SMS to your loved ones in Hong Kong? Here at, we show you a few ways of sending free SMS to  Hong Kong.

SMS through Yahoo Mail Beta

The new Yahoo Mail Beta version allows you to send free SMS to Hong Kong. The service is currently being offered for Yahoo Mail users in India, United States, Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. More information regarding how to send SMS using the new Yahoo Mail Beta is available at our earlier post ‘Send free sms from Yahoo Mail/Messenger‘.

SMS through Chikka Messenger version 4

You can use Chikka Messenger version 4 to send free SMS to Hong Kong. Chikka Messenger version 4 can be downloaded from A free Chikka Messenger login account is required to use the Messenger. For a free account, you can visit Chikka website and  register. For detailed information on Chikka Messenger, you can view our earlier article Chikka Messenger to send free SMS

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