Free Online Effect Editor – Aviary Peacock Web Based Tool

Peacock_effect EditorPeacock is an effect editor – you can apply effects of organic patterns such as wood, marble, electricity, clouds, water and fire; tiling patterns such as kaleidoscoped images and artwork; artificial patterns such as plaid, pinstripes, drapes, weaves, sewing, bricks and mason work; and trippy patterns like waveforms, plasma effects and fireworks.

Peacock was originally conceived as an Adobe Flex-based helper tool for Phoenix and Hummingbird which would allow users to easily create new tilable textures and patterns to paint with or to layout on 3D meshes. You will be able to paint with custom brush patterns and texture meshes that can be used in other Aviary tools and able to create tilable wallpaper, custom fabric patterns.


  • Node-based UI
  • Share and learn
  • Import from popular photo-sharing sites
  • Complementary suite of creation tools

Peacock provide tutorial for beginners, you can publish and share your creativities by studying the video tutorials on the most basic and the most complicated tasks available in the website without having any additional Graphic editing knowledge.

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