Quixey Application Search Engine – Search Apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Quixey is a search engine that enables you to search for various applications for Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, iOS and browser extensions. While searching for an app, it displays various internet tools and applications that are related to your search query. Often, we get confused about which app to download or which is the best app to perform a particular task such as “Taxes”, “Find Food” or any other. We usually end up searching Google. However, Google always shows most relevant results which might not contain what you are looking for. This is where Quixey comes in. This search engine is specifically designed for searching for only applications and extensions.

A Functional search engine, designed specifically for apps. It helps you find apps to do what you want on an ever-growing number of platforms. You use apps in your everyday life. You use apps in your phone, in your browser, in your social network and in your software at work. Soon, you’ll even have apps in your car, on your TV and built into your home appliances.

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